GLOWS (GLObal solar Wind Structure) is one of experiments on a NASA mission IMAP (Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe), scheduled for launch into a Lissajous orbit around the Lagrange point L1 in 2025. The objective of GLOWS is to investigate the global heliolatitude structure of the solar wind and its evolution during the solar cycle. Additionally, GLOWS investigates the distribution of interstellar neutral hydrogen (ISN H) and the solar radiation pressure acting on ISN H.

Latest News

  • GLOWS in the Media
    Work on the GLOWS instrument is in full swing. We are currently testing the components, and soon the integration of the flight model will commence. Last month, we successfully passed another mission review. Simultaneously, we are making appearances in the […]
  • GLOWS has successfully passed another review!
    In mid-September, the IMAP mission underwent a review, confirming the readiness of all subsystems for integration. This marks another crucial milestone on the mission’s path to launch. Independent NASA reviewers assessed the progress in building all instruments and their preparedness […]
  • Summer internship in the GLOWS project
    Over the last 3 weeks, we hosted Jakub Janowski at CBK, a student from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, who was completing his summer internship with the GLOWS team. Jakub undertook an incredibly important and demanding […]
  • “A golden era of space exploration is underway, and Poland must not be absent from it.” NASA Chief visits Poland.
    Bill Nelson, the head of NASA, visited Poland. The meeting with representatives of the Polish space industry aimed to discuss further prospects of international collaboration on upcoming projects. Among the attendees was Maciej Bzowski, the head of the GLOWS experiment, […]