New paper of the GLOWS team members in now available.

In the “The Astrophisical Journal”, one of the most important international journals on
astronomy, astrophysics and spectroscopy, the article “Absorption of Ly α radiation in the
” by Dr. Izabela Kowalska-Leszczyńska, Dr. Marzena Kubiak and Dr. hab. Maciej

In this paper, they develop a method to estimate the magnitude of absorption of solar Lyα
radiation inside the solar wind termination shock and to include absorption effects in the
Warsaw Test Particle Model (WTPM) by an appropriate modification of radiation pressure.
Calculations of absorption effects are performed on a 3D grid in the heliosphere and present a
set of parameters to model absorption effects for the mean solar activity conditions. Results
show that absorption can change no more than 3%, depending on the solar activity level. Using a
modified version of WTPM, authors calculate the expected signal from IBEX-Lo and show that
absorption may modify the simulated flux by up to 8%.